If you are anything like me, picking out what to wear for photos can be HARD. I’ve put together a few tips for you so you can look great and feel great and just be able to focus on each other at your session. Keep in mind these are just guidelines to help you out, not hard rules. I’m definitely not a fashion guru and I 100% encourage you to follow your style.

Above all I want you to look and feel like yourselves. If you choose not to follow these guidelines, your photos will still be great! Really the most important thing is for you to be comfortable so that you can be as natural as possible for your photos. It’s no fun constantly worrying about what you’re wearing during your session instead of being able to let loose and show your affection for your loved one. Wear something you’d normally wear or even something that’s already in your closet and you know you feel great in it. If your man never wears a collared button up and dress shoes don’t force him to for your session - chances are he’ll feel way more comfortable and excited about the pictures if he’s wearing a flannel like he normally does. Bottom line, he’ll be happier to be at the shoot if he isn’t force to wear something he thinks looks stupid.


If you’re struggling with what to wear….

First off, it never hurts to bring options so that we can pick from what you bring and plan what you will wear at each location we shoot at. That way I can make sure the outfits compliment the environment so that you, not your outfits, are the main focus of your photos. So if you want, bring 2-3 pairs of bottoms and 3-4 tops each. Then if you want to bring a dress, accessories, jackets, etc and then we’ll choose from there when we meet at the location!

Second, make sure what you’re bringing makes sense for the location and climate. If it’s going to be cold and rainy, wear a thick sweater or a cute jacket and boots. If it’s supposed to be hot make sure to wear light, breathable clothes so you don’t sweat the whole time.

Third, make sure to wear materials that are comfortable for temperatures but also easy to move around in. If you’re in a crunchy new pair of jeans that haven’t been broken in yet, you might be distracted making sure everything stays in place rather than being able to focus on your love. I’ve been there done that and it really makes you feel stiff. One time I wore a dress with buttons down the front that kept pulling apart when I would move a certain way. I was definitely anything from comfortable.

It can also be fun to wear clothing or accessories show movement when the wind catches them - it adds energy to the photos and is a fun dynamic!



I recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy tones. There are neutrals of every color, so it doesn’t have to just be gray…. think mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, olive green, blush pink, etc. Just shy away from bright, fluorescent distracting colors - specifically pinks, bright oranges, and reds, because of the way the colors reflect onto your skin during certain lighting situations. But if you’re totally hoping to wear a bright red gown for one of your outfits just check with me and I’m sure we can make something work. Another reason I tend to lean towards neutral tones is so that your outfits don’t distract from the emotion of the photos. We want the focus to be on the two of you and your love for each other, not your hot pink pants.



Avoid large print, chunky, crazy patterns. Small and subtle patterns can be so fun, but the loud crazy ones only distract from your faces. Flannels are always great without being too distracting. Avoid pairing too many patterns together unless it really does match well, but generally too many patterns distract from your faces as well as the location.

Patrick Jordan 2017-Pat Jo-0023.jpg

Still feeling overwhelmed?

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! Or even if you want to shoot me a picture of a couple different outfits you can totally do that too. I’ll even be sure to send over a Pinterest board with some outfit inspiration for you. Like I said before though, above all I just want you to be you and feel like you. If that means dressing up to the nines - go for it! If that means wearing an old band t-shirt and a flannel, do it. Let’s just have some fun together and I promise your pictures will turn out amazing.