Wedding Day Tips


1 . what do you envision for your day?

Some traditions are FANTASTIC but some are old and outdated. Really think about what you find important to incorporate into your day and run with that! Don’t feel like you have to plan your day based off of your great aunt’s opinions (but hey - maybe she has some great ideas too).


2 . Details

Let’s be real, you spent a lot of time and probably money on all the little details for your day! Invitations, save the dates, etc. Bring them along for a photo! I want to help document every little detail and you’ll want to look back and remember them! If it helps, put everything in a little box or bag for the morning of so that it’s all in one place. Your shoes, jewelry, gifts, perfume, and all the other pretty stuff.

wedding details.jpg

3 . THe Dress

Ohh the dress! Every girl dreams of her dress on her wedding day! You better believe I’m excited to photograph it. That being said, you won’t want a picture of your dress on a crummy plastic hanger. You don’t have to spend money on something fancy but just grab a nice wooden hanger to bring along!
Also, can I be up front and say to just accept the fact that your dress is going to get a little dirty? By the end of the night I can assure you it will be, so why not let loose a bit for your photos versus just at the end of the night? As a photographer I’m always looking for the best possible locations for your photos, and sometimes that might be on a dusty trail or by a muddy river, etc. Looking back will you want the gorgeous photo or the spotless dress? Your call, but it’s something to think about. :)


4 . Florals

Don’t even get me started on how much I love flowers! I get it though, they can be so expensive and maybe they’re not in the budget. Here’s an idea for you - instead of having tons of floral arrangements at the reception and huge bouquets for all your bridesmaids, what if you considered investing in one AMAZING bridal bouquet for yourself and even skipped the rest? You’ll see it in most of your wedding photos, so why not splurge a little on your own bouquet?

wedding bouquet.jpg

5 . Getting ready

Let’s not forget about your getting ready space. First things first - Lighting. Is. Key. If you’re in a dark room, you can expect dark photos. If you’re able to, pick someplace with lots of space and big windows for natural light. When you pick the spot in the room where you’ll be getting your hair and makeup done, try to set up shop next to a big window or the lightest area of the room. Also, have your bridal party keep their things in one corner of the room. That way there won’t be piles of clothes and stuff cluttered everywhere in your photos.

Getting Ready .jpg

6 . ceremony lighting

Be conscious of lighting at your venue! If you have picked an outdoor location, consider a location that is fully shaded for soft, even lighting. If that’s not an option, try going for full sun. If half of the wedding party is in shade and the other half is in the sun, it’ll make for uneven photos.


7 . Take the time for your photos

Consider allowing for one full hour with your groom. You might think 20 minutes will do the trick, but great portraits take time. With more time we can get more creative and even go off site to find great locations! Another plus? You’ll get more private time away from the chaos with your love.